Sentence Examples

  • In a situation where there is a large discrepancy between the earning capacity of the two spouses, they may wish to work out an arrangement where one person will pay spousal support to the other and ask a judge to approve the arrangement.
  • If the two people involved are not able to come to an agreement about spousal and child support, division of matrimonial property, and how to divide debts incurred during the marriage, it makes more sense to seek expert legal advice.
  • Spousal support is not dependent upon there being children in the family, as spousal support is solely designed to financially assist the member of the dissolving marriage who may not have the same earning power as the other member.
  • Where the proposed recipient is the primary caregiver for young children (under the age of 2), her or she may be awarded spousal support until the children are old enough to go to school or other child care arrangements can be made.
  • If one spouse's ability to make a living is affected by his or her parenting responsibilities, then the judge may order a higher amount of spousal support until the children are in school full-time or their needs change.