Sentence Examples

  • Government will splinter once the attacks occur.
  • Oxygen, recognized by its power of igniting a glowing splinter, results from the decomposition of oxides of the noble metals, peroxides, chlorates, nitrates and other highly oxygenized salts.
  • Within the enclosure of the Khalifa's house is the tomb of Hubert Howard, son of the 9th earl of Carlisle, who was killed in the house at the capture of the city by a splinter of a shell fired at the Mandi's tomb.
  • Til finally When this occurs, strained pillars begin to crack and splinter with a noise like musketry firing, and the roof of the mine shows signs of subsidence.
  • Wiedemann, in Erlangen Sitzungsberichte (1904, p. 33 o), translates the phrase given above as splinter of wood, by the term wooden cross.