Sentence Examples

  • This spinoff of Big Brother has been received well by the public and, according to Showtime execs, it has done well in bringing viewers and new subscribers over to the premium cable channel.
  • Chances are he'll always be known as Marcus Patrick from Hollyoaks, because after leaving the program he immediately entered the soap opera's spinoff program, entitled Hollyoaks: Let Loose.
  • Bookworm Adventures: For all the lexicographically-inclined, this spinoff of the core Bookworm series adds some fun twists like the addition of gem titles and a battle-based story mode.
  • Walsh left Grey's after the 3rd season when her character granted Derek a divorce and she moved to Los Angeles where she now stars on the Grey's spinoff Private Practice.
  • Stargate: SG-1 ran for ten seasons, with spin-off Stargate: Atlantis running for five and a third spinoff series named Stargate:Universe began in October 2009.