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Another word for byproduct

  1. Something derived from another

      1. A divestiture by a corporation of a division or subsidiary by issuing to stockholders shares in a new company set up to continue the operations of the division or subsidiary.
      2. The new company formed by such a divestiture.
      3. Something, such as a product, that is derived from something larger and more or less unrelated; a byproduct.
      1. The act or process of growing out.
      2. A product of growing out; a projecting part or offshoot:
      3. A result or consequence:
      1. Something that branches out or derives its existence or origin from a particular source.
      2. A branch, descendant, or member of a family or social group.
      3. A lateral shoot from the main stem of a plant.
      1. One whose descent can be traced to a particular individual or group:
      2. Something derived from a prototype or earlier form:
      3. In astrology, the point of the ecliptic or the sign of the zodiac that sets in the west at the time of a person's birth or other event.
      1. Resulting from or employing derivation:
      2. Copied or adapted from others:
      3. Something derived.
      1. The act or process of deriving.
      2. The state or fact of being derived; origination:
      3. Something derived; a derivative.
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