Sentence Examples

  • We cannot here do more than refer to the spectral type of the sun.
  • Man and the actual universe kept on reasserting their rights and claims, announcing their goodliness and delightfulness, in one way or another; but they were always being thrust back again into Cimmerian regions of abstractions, fictions, visions, spectral hopes and fears, in the midst of which the intellect somnambulistically moved upon an unknown way.
  • An important feature added to the discussion by Adams is the different behaviour of spectral lines 880 860' 840' 820' 800 780' 760 740' 720' 700 0 consider first a frictionless fluid.
  • Since identification of spectral lines is a matter of extreme refinement, any cause which may displace lines from their normal places, or otherwise change their features, must be examined scrupulously.
  • If we regard the sun as one of the stars, the first four questions we should seek to answer are its distance from its neighbours, proper motion, magnitude and spectral type.