Sentence Examples

  • In the next week, a proposed skate park adjacent to the leisure center could be given the go-ahead by the council.
  • In addition to his role as founder of Fallen Footwear, Thomas is also the president of Black Box Distribution, which distributes skate brands Zero Skateboards and Mystery Skateboards, as well as Fallen Footwear and its line of apparel.
  • Founded in 1995 by Robert Greenberg, who also founded the LA Gear footwear line, Skechers started their lineup with skate shoes and Doc-Marten style utility boots geared towards the demands of young men and their fashion sense.
  • Black Flys sunglasses and goggles are a staple product in the skate subculture, which includes skateboarding, snowboarders, surfers, competitive stunt bikers, paint-balling, water-sports, and general thrill-seeking activities.
  • Long; and a skate made out of the leg bone of a horse.