Sentence Examples

  • Molly, however, discovers in herself a taste for individuality, in separateness from her sisters.
  • It follows that no sooner has separateness, individuality, begun, than dissolution, disintegration, also begins.
  • Between the eyes and the tail-piece in all the orders nineteen segments are counted, the proof of a segment's existence depending on its separateness, complete or partial, or on a sutural indication, or else on the pair of appendages known to belong to it.
  • These non-rational elements he further distinguished as appetitive (ro E7rLOvi..arr KOv) and spirited (TO Ov,uoabS or Ovu6r) - the practical separateness of which from each other and from reason he held to be established by our inner experience.
  • An all-inclusive in which mere or pure thought is cancelled in its separateness by a transfiguration, while logic is nothing but the science of the Idea viewed in the medium of pure thought.