Sentence Examples

  • If Genovesi does not take a high rank in philosophy, he deserves the credit of having introduced the new order of ideas into Italy, at the same time preserving a just mean between the two extremes of sensualism and idealism.
  • Moreover, there is no denying that the new Nominalism not only represents the love of reality and the spirit of induction, but also contains in itself the germs of that empiricism and:sensualism so frequentlyassociated with the former tendencies.
  • (1844) (containing an attack on Gioja's "sensualism"); for his political economy, list of works in J.
  • 7), joviality and sensualism, all in striking contrast to the austerity of nomad asceticism.
  • Confronting the various systems co-ordinated as sensualism, idealism, scepticism, mysticism, with the facts of consciousness, the Elects= sm ?