Sentence Examples

  • The rest of the twenty-five seats are filled up, as a vacancy occurs, according to seniority of consecration.
  • These epithets, as Hallam says, were not necessarily synonymous, but merely indicated that the preference given to seniority was to be controlled by a due regard to desert (Constit.
  • The government, strikingly unlike the Jesuit autocracy, is of a republican form; and the superior, though first in honour, has to take his turn in discharging all the duties which come to each priest of the society in the order of his seniority, including that of waiting at table, which is not entrusted in the Oratory to lay brothers, according to the practice in most other communities.
  • The inscriptions seem to indicate that the monarchies of South Arabia were hereditary, the son generally following the father, though not seldom the brother of the deceased came between, apparently on the principle of seniority, which we find also in North Arabia.
  • In many castles, and perhaps in most, the discipline followed simply a natural and unwritten code of " fagging " and seniority, as in public schools or on board men-of-war some hundred years or so ago.