Sentence Examples

  • If you are a roleplayer then you need to visit the Seventh Sanctum web site because it is a clearing house for generators from anime, being and characters to spells and equipment.
  • Seventh Sanctum is a large website with many name generators as well as character creators, organizations builders, and magic creation.
  • Gwilliam, Tetraevangelium Sanctum (Oxford, 1901); its relations to Rabbula's revision are shown by F.
  • Saxoniae: " Si quis sanctum quadragesimale jejunium pro despectu Christianitatis contempserit et carnem comederit, morte moriatur.
  • In addition to the common treasury, supported by the general taxes and charged with the ordinary expenditure, there was a special reserve fund, also in the temple of Saturn, the aerarium sanctum (or sanctius), probably originally consisting _of the spoils of war, afterwards maintained chiefly by a 5% tax on the value of all manumitted slaves, this source of revenue being established by a lex Manlia in 357.