Sentence Examples

  • Although she had been very close friends with Heather during the taping of Rock of Love and the two were rumored to have lived together after the show, they had since had a falling out and there was much animosity between them in the house.
  • Kim Kardashian, most notable for her role in a sex tape with her boyfriend Ray-J, has been rumored to have buttock implants, however some in the plastic surgery community argue that her ample asset may just be a case of genetics.
  • Her most recent brush with tabloid gossip was over her rumored relationship with Justin Timberlake after appearing in his music video, What Goes Around… The speculation came on the heels of Timberlake's breakup with Cameron Diaz.
  • Beginning with the prince's father ransacking a Maharaja's castle, the story quickly develops and leaves the prince alone to retrieve the mystical Dagger of Time, a sand-filled weapon rumored to have the ability to rewind time.
  • Over the following months, Jon was photographed with -and rumored to be involved with- a string of other women, including Kate Major, a reporter for the National Enquirer who quit her job to be in a relationship with Jon.