Sentence Examples

  • Preston (1805-1862), secretary of the navy in 1849-1850; William Cabell Rives and General Sterling Price (1809-1867).
  • The passage reads, rives TWv crvvayw'yijS Atfieprivwv, Kai Kvpnvaicev Kai 'AX€ avop&ov, Kai TcOv are) KcXLKLaS Kai 'AciaS, and opinion is divided as to the number of synagogues here named.
  • WILLIAM CABELL RIVES (1793-1868), American political leader and diplomat, was born in Nelson (disambiguation)|Nelson county, Virginia, on the 4th of May 1793.
  • Rives was the author of several books, the most important being his Life and Times of James Madison (3 vols., Boston, 1859-68), the completion of which was prevented by his death.
  • He was the father of Alfred Landon Rives (1830-1903), an engineer of some prominence, whose daughter, Amelie Rives (1863-), became well known as a novelist, her best known book being The Quick or the Dead?