Sentence Examples

  • Army in 1892, received orders to reoccupy Akasha, 50 m.
  • Of Spain, was able to reoccupy his dominions.
  • In the following year the Congo expedition established further posts, and in consequence the khalifa sent 3000 men, under the amir Khatem Musa, from Shakka to reoccupy the Bahr-el-Ghazal.
  • Steps to reoccupy the Columbia Valley.
  • Cattaneo was an uncompromising republican and a federalist; so violent was his dislike of the Piedmontese monarchy that when he heard that King Charles Albert had been defeated by the Austrians, and that Radetzky was marching back to reoccupy Milan, he exclaimed: "Good news, the Piedmontese have been beaten.