Sentence Examples

  • Probiotics found in supplements and fermented dairy products like soy and kefir reintroduce healthy flora to the gut, allowing the bacteria to recolonize and regain control from harmful bacteria and fungus.
  • Probiotic supplements and foods (such as yogurt, kefir, and kombucha) reintroduce the beneficial flora to your intestines, simulating colonization of helpful gut flora.
  • Though business cards have been around for a long time, strategies to keep introductions fresh and memorable often reintroduce business cards in new forms.
  • In connexion with the Catholic reaction in the Church of England, which had its origin in the "Oxford Movement" of the 19th century, efforts have been made by some of the clergy to reintroduce the term "Mass" for the Holy Communion in the English Church.
  • In 1561 Gotthard Ketteler publicly abdicated his mastership of the order of the Teutonic Knights, and Riga, together with southern Livonia, became a Polish possession; after some unsuccessful attempts to reintroduce Roman Catholicism, Stephen Bathory, king of Poland, recognized the religious freedom of the Protestant population.