Sentence Examples

  • John Blair was a young college student when he was asked by another student he knew if he was interested in heading up the sales department at the raincoat factory he inherited.
  • While you don't need every piece of outerwear available, try to stock your closet with a few basics, such as a lightweight windbreaker, long or short raincoat, long trench coat and a stylish jacket to accessorize a spring dress.
  • If you plan to only own one raincoat for both seasons, look for a color you will be comfortable wearing in the dead of winter as well as with your spring clothes during March and April showers..
  • While these are some of the more popular raincoat textiles, the garment industry is constantly producing new high-tech fabrics, so keep your options open when shopping for your coat.
  • While you don't need to try on a raincoat, so long as you pay attention to the measurements, it can be useful to see the fit of the shoulders and the length of the sleeves and hem.