Sentence Examples

  • Playing the position of quarterback for Lingerie Bowl champs The Los Angeles Temptation (formerly the Los Angeles Dream), Joey Davenport is considered to have the strongest arm in the Lingerie Football League.
  • Vicodin addiction first made big news in 1996, when National Football League quarterback Brett Favre announced he was addicted to the prescription pain pill and entered a rehabilitation program.
  • While a special teams coaching change will not affect the performance of your quarterback, you should be aware of what coaching changes are going on with your players' teams from top to bottom.
  • You know how it's impossible for even the best real-life NFL quarterback to run to the right hash mark, and throw a no-look, 20-yard curl patter back to the left to a well-covered receiver?
  • You are given chances to run the ball, avoid tackles and play quarterback for the passing game, which sees how well you can read the defense and pass to receivers in optimal positions.