Sentence Examples

  • The size of jar commonly known as a quart size may have a capacity from 4 o 0 th to s 00 oth of a microfarad, and if charged to 20,000 volts stores up energy from a quarter to half a joule or from -ths to Iths of a foot-pound.
  • Dry measures of bushel, half-bushel, peck, gallon, quart, pint, half-pint.
  • For this purpose solutions of sulphate of copper or of nitrate of silver may be gently introduced into the bowel in quantities of a quart at a time.
  • I have some that give over two gallons a day and I've sold some that only gave a quart each milking.
  • The story is told by William of Tyre, who calls the place Quart Piert or Pierre, but it is a mere romance.