Sentence Examples

  • The times were about to make an abrupt change, but there was still one more surprise to be wretched from an already over stretched (if you'll pardon the pun) Spandex industry: slingshot swimsuits.
  • In addition to an image or depiction of an activity (guitar playing, racing, etc), these shirts often use a pun or play on words and a touch of humor to add interest.
  • For every Madonna, Michael Jackson and Wham! who made it big (no pun intended, Wham! fans), in the 1980s, there was a one-hit wonder who scored an equally huge chart-topping hit.
  • Whoever first came up with the idea of Halloween pun costumes either deserves a medal or a pie in the face, but they are now a staple of every party and sometimes so clever, they win contests for sheer originality.
  • Well, the unique controls, excellent sense of speed, and the feeling of "just about to lose control" will certainly put a smile on your face when you first play Excite Truck, but it gets really repetitive, really fast (no pun intended).