Sentence Examples

  • The Roman Catholic Croats predominate in Dalmatia, north-western Bosnia and Croatia-Slavonia.
  • White and yellow colours predominate and insects with a proboscis of medium length are the common pollinating agents, such as short-tongued bees.
  • Of the Aryan races the Slavs - Serbs, Bulgarians, Pomaks and Cossacks - and the Greeks predominate, the other representatives being chiefly Albanians and Kurds.
  • This type is found in its purest form in the north and north-west, while the mixed races and the population referred to the Australoid type predominate in the peninsula and southern India.
  • This is really the case, for all observations show that the Antarctic and Arctic ice-bound seas are enormously rich in diatom life when compared with temperate and tropical regions: the great Antarctic zone of sea-bottom deposit, in which the skeletons of diatoms predominate, covers some ten millions of square miles.