Sentence Examples

  • It is policed, however, by troops of United States cavalry with headquarters at Fort Yellowstone, near the Mammoth Hot Springs, and the building of roads and other improvements is under the direction of the Secretary of War.
  • The rest of the province is policed by the South African constabulary, a body 3700 strong, to which is also entrusted customs preventive work, fire brigade work and such like functions.
  • It was in Bela's reign that the emperor Frederick I., in the spring of 1189, traversed Hungary with ioo,000 crusaders, on which occasion the country was so well policed that no harm was done to it and the inhabitants profited largely from their commerce with the German host.
  • He called the new kingdom Ch'ao- Hsien, pacified and policed its borders, and introduced laws and Chinese etiquette and polity.
  • In Switzerland, which is sometimes classed with Belgium as among the least-policed states of Europe, the laws of the cantons vary.