Sentence Examples

  • Fancy wire and tools aren't critical when you're starting out, but you should at least buy some wire that is good quality and a basic beading plier or pliers set that includes crimping, cutting and bending capabilities.
  • Once you've finished the safety guidelines above, the actual repairs usually require nothing more than a standard screwdriver, wire strippers and sometimes a pair of heavy duty needle nose pliers.
  • It could be that the hinge is stretched out or perhaps a screw is loose or missing.If you determine that the hinge is stretched out then use a pair of pliers to carefully bend it back into place.
  • In addition to being handy with this kind of saws, you need to be able to take measurements, use tools such as pliers and wrenches and most importantly, follow instructions.
  • With a small pair of pliers, begin by forming a small loop at the bottom of the wire that will fold against the bottom of the bottom-most bead on your dangling ornament.