Sentence Examples

  • Each stalactite, stalagmite and pilaster was measured, numbered, and removed in sections.
  • The use of brick led to the early development of the pilaster and column, as well as of frescoes and enamelled tiles.
  • Here a pilaster forming the back of the figure receives a Corinthian capital, upon which the architrave rests; and the figures merely brace up the pilaster.
  • That which is inscribed with the name of "Midas the King" is the most remarkable example of one class, in which a large perpendicular surface of rock is covered with a geometrical pattern of squares, crosses and maeanders, surmounted by a pediment supported in the centre by a pilaster in low relief.
  • To separate the tobacco leaf from the stems, to remove the overlying soil from a mineral deposit before opening and working it, to turn a gun-barrel in a lathe, &c. In architecture, a "strippilaster" is a narrow pilaster such as is found in Saxon work and in the Italian Romanesque churches.