Sentence Examples

  • Zaki did not long enjoy the fruits of his perfidious dealing.
  • His ambition was boundless and no means, however perfidious, were despised by him.
  • The rebellion was at last put down by a series of treacheries and perfidious negotiations.
  • The names of thirty-nine others were included in the final acte d'accusation, accepted by the Convention on the 24th of October, which stated the crimes for which they were to be tried as their perfidious ambition, their hatred of Paris, their "federalism" and, above all, their responsibility for the attempt of their escaped colleagues to provoke civil war.
  • But no sooner was he dead than the essential weakness of an artificial state, built up by cunning and perfidious policy, with the aid of bought troops, dignified by no dynastic title, and consolidated by no sense of loyalty, became apparent.