Sentence Examples

  • The expense of cutting castings accurately to shape, cutting on them screw threads and what not, called " machining " in trade parlance, is often a very large part of their total cost; and it increases rapidly with the hardness of the metal.
  • LATACUNGA (LLACTACUNGA, or, in local parlance, Tacunga), a plateau town of Ecuador, capital of the province of Leon, 46 m.
  • In common parlance, it may be described as a species of wild dog with close affinity to the bear.
  • Man is running or not running; and reasoning is a combination of judgments: conversely, there is a mental analysis of reasoning into judgments, and judgment into conceptions, beneath the linguistic analysis of rational discourse into propositions, and propositions into terms. Logic, according to this new school, which has by our time become an old school, has to co-ordinate these three operations, direct them, and, beginning with conceptions, combine conceptions into judgments, and judgments into inference, which thus becomes a complex combination of conceptions, or, in modern parlance, an extension of our ideas.
  • It must be pointed out that in common parlance this distinction does not find its ready expression.