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Another word for outstretch

  1. To extend, especially an appendage

      1. To expand in order to fulfill a larger function:
      2. To cause (the body or limbs) to reach out to full length, as in yawning, relaxing, or reclining, or in preparing to exercise
      3. To prolong:
      1. To project as far as:
      2. To touch or grasp by stretching out or extending:
      3. (Naut.) To sail on a reach
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  2. To move or arrange so as to cover a larger area

      1. (Intransitive) To emerge, be revealed or become apparent; to unfold.
      2. (Programming) To replace (a loop in a program) with a repetitive sequence of the individual instructions that the loop would carry out, sometimes used as an optimization.
      3. To open or extend (something rolled up)
      1. To open and spread out (something folded); extend.
      2. To open (anything covered or closed); to lay open to view or contemplation; to bring out in all the details, or by successive development.
      3. To become unfolded; open out or open up
      1. To extend (oneself or one's limbs, for example) to full length:
      2. To spread or be spread out to full extent or beyond normal limits
      3. To expand in order to fulfill a larger function:
      1. To be exhibited, displayed, or visible in broad or full extent:
      2. To open to a fuller extent or width; stretch:
      3. To draw out so as to display more fully; open or stretch out so as to cover more space; unfold or unfurl
      1. To undo, recall, or set aside (a judgment, settlement, etc.), so as to leave the matter open to further action
      2. To part the lids or lips of:
      3. To remove obstructions from; clear:
      1. To spread out into the shape of a fan
      2. To direct a current of air or a breeze upon, especially in order to cool:
      3. To open (something) out into the shape of a fan:
      1. To give added bulk or body to (a substance) by adding another, usually cheaper or inferior, substance
      2. To be or become long, large, or comprehensive:
      3. To open or straighten (something) out; unbend:
      1. To become expanded; spread out, unfold, enlarge, etc.
      2. To open (something) up or out; spread out:
      3. To spread out; open out; stretch out; unfold
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