Sentence Examples

  • Through brutal challenges, harsh living conditions, and extreme tactics, the goal was to outwit, outplay, and outlast every other contestant on the island, a feat that Richard Hatch accomplished to become the first Survivor winner.
  • You can either replace the draperies with a set that matches your new bedding, or go with a solid color that will outlast the new bedding and easily match any future bedding change-outs.
  • This durable material is designed to outlast typical spandex, and resists the effects of many pool and ocean visits, including chlorine, body oils, sunscreen and more.
  • Incredible longevity: Cancers, like their opposite sign of Capricorn, are known for their staying power, and they can outlast just about any adversary.
  • Lomatia - Evergreen shrubs of slow growth, with finely-cut fern-like leaves so tough in texture that they outlast almost any other foliage.