Sentence Examples

  • You'll find a wide variety of colors to choose from, everything from blue to purple to bright red, and because each look is outfitted in a healthy array of rhinestones and crystals, they all catch the light and look amazing!
  • You'll be able to sport the same name brand head to toe when outfitted in Hilfiger clothes and shoes; don't forget that the company also manufacturers accessories for men that will complete your ensemble.
  • Audiences come not just to see the world's most striking models outfitted in the smallest amount of clothing, but also for the opportunity to see pop icons perform songs from their latest album labels.
  • While the majority of Blink's frames are quite attractive and outfitted with interesting, even curious details, you'll still need to choose a frame that brings out the very best in your features.
  • Likewise, history buffs may be interested to know how clothing changed during the 19th century, and what children may have been outfitted in during this tumultuous period of American History.