Sentence Examples

  • While they seem to offer more services, some (such as one-way link building) are unethical by web standards, and others (such as RSS Syndication) are automated, one-click processes that really can't be called a "service".
  • Cruise Length: Most cruises in the Mediterranean range from 7 to 24 days, with shorter voyages often scheduled as one-way routes between two principle ports whereas longer voyages may be roundtrip itineraries.
  • The problem for some people is that repositioning voyages begin in one port and end in another, leaving the passenger to foot the bill for an expensive one-way airline ticket.
  • JavaScript is one of the first ways people took the web beyond just static, one-way communication, and as a result the top methods and best practices are already worked out.
  • They feature a six piece band and case design, a double-curved sapphire watch crystal with six layers of anti-reflective coating, and a one-way rotating bezel.