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Another word for nonfeasance

  1. Nonperformance of what ought to be done

      1. (--- Computers) A particular setting or value for a variable that is assigned automatically by an operating system and remains in effect unless canceled or overridden by the operator:
      2. Failure to appear in court to defend or prosecute a case
      3. Failure to perform a task or fulfill an obligation, especially failure to meet a financial obligation:
      1. Behavior, esp. by the young, that is antisocial or in violation of the law
      2. A debt or other financial obligation on which payment is overdue.
      3. Failure or neglect to do what duty or law requires
      1. The act of abandoning something, or the state of being abandoned
      2. Willful neglect, as of duty or principle.
      3. A neglect of, or failure in, duty; a being remiss
      1. A cessation of proper functioning or performance:
      2. Neglect or omission
      3. The condition or fact of being insufficient or falling short:
      1. The action of neglecting
      2. Habitual lack of care:
      3. The state or fact of being neglected:
      1. The state of having been omitted.
      2. The act or an instance of omitting.
      3. An omitting or being omitted; specif., failure to do as one should
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