Sentence Examples

  • Having firmly established their reputation as one of the most reliable and affordable airlines in the world, Southwest has begun offering excellent vacation packages that reflect the company's no-nonsense image.
  • Designers and other clients come into the home and try to find suitable models for their campaigns, and Janice's no-nonsense approach to the treatment of her models can make for entertaining television.
  • Don't expect much variety here, but do expect heads to turn if you sport this minimal, no-nonsense style consisting of ear-length hair and very straight bangs that just graze or cover the eyebrows.
  • Ralph Lauren plus size belts will undoubtedly prove difficult to find, but if you're in the market for a stylish, no-nonsense belt that will last you years, they're worth considering.
  • Published in 2005, this book provides no-nonsense advice about dealing with credit card debt, getting the very best mortgage deals, slashing utility bills, and haggling with shopkeepers.