Sentence Examples

  • To Miss Nightingale this proved the trumpet-call of duty.
  • Florence Nightingale handed me an enclosed cup with a straw.
  • Among the birds are the vulture, eagle, falcon, buzzard, kite, lark, nightingale, heron, stork and bustard.
  • From this sprang the Lyrical Ballads, to which Coleridge contributed The Ancient Mariner, the Nightingale and two scenes from Osorio, and after much cogitation the book was published in 1798 at Bristol by Cottle, to whose reminiscences, often indulging too much in detail, we owe the account of this remarkable time.
  • In 1905 a lease of Nightingale, Inaccessible and Gough islands, for the purpose of working the guano deposits, was granted by the British government.