Sentence Examples

  • This magnifier is designed to attach to a lamp and is flexible enough to be adjusted and moved so that you can more easily view your needlework, knitting or any other activity for which your hands are in use.
  • Starting with an original 26, they were all round in shape and white with blue needlework that showed important proficiencies of the day in areas such as housekeeping and sewing.
  • While the boys are instructed in woodwork, needlework is taught to the girls, its introduction in 1889 having been the first recognition of practical instruction in any form.
  • The pictures, the needlework with some splendid pieces of embroidery from S.
  • The County Council also aids numerous separate schools of art, both general and special, such as the Royal School of Art Needlework and the School of Art Woodcarving; the City and Guilds Institute maintains similar establishments at some of its colleges, and art schools are also generally attached to the polytechnics.