Sentence Examples

  • After death it was mummified and buried in a rock-tomb.
  • The mummified corpse as a divine thing - not the mere khat - was called the sahu (an old word meaning "noble") or ikh, which in the latter period meant a spirit or demon.
  • - Symmetrical gangrene of toes (3 months' duration), showing the sharp " line rof demarcation " between the mummified toes and the more healthy tissue.
  • But these are only surmises, based upon the fact that in various dry caves limbs still surrounded by the mummified flesh and skin, feathers, and even eggs with the inner membrane, have been found.
  • The conidia are fragrant and are carried by bees to the stigma of the bilberry; here they germinate with the pollen and the hyphae pass with the pollen tubes down the style; the former infect the ovules and produce sclerotia, therein reducing the fruits to a mummified condition.