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Another word for monstrosity

  1. An unsightly object

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  2. A monstrous offense or evil

      1. An act of extreme violence or viciousness:
      2. Something that is grossly offensive to decency, morality, or good taste:
      3. Resentful anger aroused by a violent or offensive act, or an instance of this:
      1. The quality of passing all moral bounds; excessive wickedness or outrageousness.
      2. A monstrous offense or evil; an outrage.
      3. Great size; immensity.
      1. Appalling or atrocious condition, quality, or behavior; monstrousness.
      2. An appalling or atrocious act, situation, or object, especially an act of unusual or illegal cruelty inflicted by an armed force on civilians or prisoners.
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  3. A person or animal that is abnormally formed

      1. An imaginary or legendary creature, such as a centaur or Harpy, that combines parts from various animal or human forms.
      2. A creature having a strange or frightening appearance.
      3. An organism that has structural defects or deformities.
      1. A thing or occurrence that is markedly unusual or irregular:
      2. An abnormally formed organism, especially one regarded as a curiosity.
      3. A sudden capricious turn of mind; a whim:
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