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Another word for miscarry

  1. To bring forth a nonviable fetus prematurely

      1. To go, move, pass, etc. smoothly, quickly, or easily
      2. To put on or remove (clothing) easily or quickly:
      3. To release, loose, or unfasten:
      1. To cut short (an action or operation of an aircraft, spacecraft, etc.), as because of some failure in the equipment
      2. To stop the progress of (a disease, for example).
      3. (Biol.) To fail to develop; stay rudimentary
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  2. To go wrong, be unsuccessful, or fail to attain a goal

      1. To fail to meet, reach, attain, catch, accomplish, see, hear, perceive, understand, etc.
      2. To be unsuccessful; fail:
      3. To fail to benefit from; let slip:
      1. To fail to achieve a desired effect
      2. To fail to ignite properly or at the right time
      3. To fail to go off, or be discharged

Another word for miscarry

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