Sentence Examples

  • At the Buckholdt conference in August 1536 he played a mediating part.
  • This group of ideas culminated in the Logos of Philo, expressing the world of divine ideas which God first of all creates and which becomes the mediating and formative power between the absolute and transcendent deity and passive formless matter, transmuted thereby into a rational, ordered universe.
  • The Realists held that universals alone have substantial reality, existing ante res; the Nominalists that universals are mere names invented to express the qualities of particular things and existing post res; while the Conceptualists, mediating between the two extremes, held that universals are concepts which exist in our minds and express real similarities in things themselves.
  • It is noteworthy also as being the first occasion on which representatives of the mediating powers took part in the peace negotiations.
  • A disciple of Neander, he belonged to the extreme right of the school of mediating theologians.