Sentence Examples

  • I had grand plans to build and run a large-scale horse ranch.
  • Many large-scale employers opt for reinsurance policies in addition to their regular insurance policies due to the sheer number of people they employ and the potential that at least one or more may need reinsurance benefits.
  • The Wagner Power Painter is a revolutionary, power paint sprayer that's designed to take the hard work out of virtually every large-scale painting job, inside the home and out.
  • The group, which debuted in the late 1940s, opened several stores under the Charming name before securing a retail space in a large-scale shopping center in Audubon, New Jersey during the 1960s.
  • These are similar to the large-scale wind turbines that are often seen in wind farms like in California's Altamont Pass except for the fact that they are much, much smaller.