Sentence Examples

  • Neville will eventually marry Hufflepuff's own Hannah Abbot, who becomes the landlady of the Leaky Cauldron Pub.
  • The video featured Ferrell and his landlady, played by writer and director Adam McKay's two-year-old daughter, Pearl.
  • When Cleary spoke to his landlady on Monday, the seventeenth, he told her he'd already mailed her the key.
  • She was the daughter of Captain Cox, of Yarmouth, master mariner in the herring fishery, who died young; whereupon his widow maintained herself as landlady of the King's Head Inn at Croydon.
  • One day his landlady, who may have heard strange stories of her solitary lodger, came to him in some trouble to ask him whether he believed she could be saved in the religion she professed.