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Another word for interdiction

  1. A refusal to allow

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  2. A coercive measure intended to ensure compliance or conformity

      1. (R.C.Ch.) An interdicting of a person, parish, etc.
      2. An authoritative prohibition, especially by court order.
      3. (Roman Catholic Church) An ecclesiastical censure that bars an individual, members of a given group, or inhabitants of a given district from participation in most sacraments.
      1. A punishment fixed by law, as for a crime or breach of contract
      2. A sum established by a contract to be forfeited in lieu of actual damages in the event of a breach of the contract.
      3. Any unfortunate consequence or result of an act or condition
      1. Something that gives binding force to a law, or secures obedience to it, as the penalty for breaking it, or a reward for carrying it out
      2. The penalty for noncompliance with a law or legal order.
      3. The act of a recognized authority confirming or ratifying an action; authorized approval or permission
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