Sentence Examples

  • Some collars contain an insecticide that kills the fleas, while others use a chemical growth inhibitor that affects the fleas' ability to reproduce, thus ending the population growth.
  • For the above reasons, it is highly recommended to carefully check the labels of any dishwashing liquid or laundry detergent before applying it as a weed killer or insecticide in the environment.
  • They claim that the majority of commercial products take several days or even weeks to work, but that their insecticide can kill bed bugs and other insects in just minutes.
  • Bedlam Bedbug Insecticide Spray can be used inside the house in areas such as walls, cracks, crevices, headboards, floorboards, walls, mattresses, boxsprings and furniture.
  • Bedlam Bedbug Insecticide Spray is a residual and aerosol spray, which means that it leaves lingering residue that effectively prevents future pest infestations.