Sentence Examples

  • After an unsuccessful attempt to storm Zatec the crusaders retreated somewhat ingloriously, on hearing that the Hussite troops were approaching.
  • Nine kings of the name of Rameses now followed each other ingloriously in the space of about eighty years to the end of the XXth Dynasty, the power of the high priests of Ammon ever growing at their expense.
  • A journey with the duke of Weimar to Breslau followed, and in 1792 he accompanied his master on that campaign against France which ended so ingloriously for the German arms at Valmy.
  • Thus the great hosts soon melted away, and a war, begun successfully, ended ingloriously, and often disastrously.
  • Thus ended the empire of the Sassanids, no less precipitately and ingloriously than that of the Achaernenids.

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