Sentence Examples

  • The new A, B, C are called the principal moments of inertia at 0.
  • They both protested against the political and ecclesiastical inertia of their native state, and adopted the doctrines of freedom and reason.
  • Provided the inertia of the snrin~ itself be neglected.
  • In the absence of a medium the inertia of the body to transtion is the same in all directions, and is measured by the (3) But the change of the resultant momentum F of the medium as.
  • But on the modern theory, which includes the play of electrical phenomena as a function of the aether, there are other considerations which show that this number io 2 is really an enormous overestimate; and it is not impossible that the co-efficient of ultimate inertia of the aether is greater than the co-efficient of inertia (of different kind) of any existing material substance.