Sentence Examples

  • School " in the city had done much to inculcate on his pupils the doctrines of Theodore of Mopsuestia.
  • The poets - especially the authors of the New Comedy - strongly inculcate humanity, and insist on the fundamental equality of the slave.
  • For in requiring these religions to impart certain prescribed religious truths, and to inculcate the highest moral tone, it burdened them with problems to which they were unequal.
  • 11) it is to give men gentler and sweeter thoughts of it, nit to inculcate the doctrine of an intermediate state as an unconscious condition.
  • In 1653 he had made the astonishing proposal to the Dutch that England and Holland should divide the habitable globe outside Europe between them, that all states maintaining the Inquisition should be treated as enemies by both the proposed allies, and that the latter "should send missionaries to all peoples willing to receive them, to inculcate the truth of Jesus Christ and the Holy Gospel."