Sentence Examples

  • Elevated cholesterol levels can result in the accumulation of fatty deposits on blood vessel walls, narrowing veins and arteries and impeding blood flow to the heart, brain, and other organs.
  • That one's based on a program that I developed to get people to identify and remove foods from their diets that might be impeding progress with weight loss.
  • Such slags act very prejudicially by impeding the up-draught of the air and the sinking of the fuel; nor can they FIG.
  • Above Albany, barricading the roads and impeding Burgoyne's progress.
  • The streets are narrow, and by a system called Kucheh-bandi (street-closing) established long ago for impeding the circulation of crowds and increasing general security, every quarter of the town, or block of buildings, is shut off from its neighbours by gates which are closed during local disorders and regularly at night.