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Another word for hang around

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Another word for hang around

  1. *To wait

      1. (idiomatic) To stay, linger or loiter.
      2. (idiomatic) To spend time or be friends (especially to hang about with someone).
      1. To take more time than necessary:
      2. To move aimlessly or lackadaisically:
      3. To waste (time) by idling:
      1. To stand idly about; linger without any purpose.
      2. To violate a law or ordinance that prohibits persons from remaining in a given location without a clear purpose for an extended period of time, especially when behaving in a manner indicating a possible threat to persons or property in the vicinity.
      3. To hover over or remain near an area:
      1. To stay in a place or be slow in leaving it, often out of reluctance:
      2. To continue or persist:
      3. To remain feebly alive for some time before dying.