Sentence Examples

  • Susan Schenck, author of The Live Food Factor, also provides dozens of testimonials from people eating a diet similar to the Hallelujah Diet who credit healthy eating and lifestyle choices with miraculous healing.
  • If you want to download the same version of Hallelujah that is featured in the movie Shrek for your IPod or MP3 player, then there are many places where you can do so.
  • One of the most well-known covers of Hallelujah from Shrek is preformed by Jeff Buckley and was released in 1994 on his first album, Grace.
  • By 1988, Malkmus had purchased a fifty acre farm in Eidson, Tennessee, and began what was to become his new ministry, Hallelujah Acres.
  • Songs such as Hallelujah are often popular songs to be covered, since they are easily recognized and well known by the general public.