Sentence Examples

  • For more information on where to purchase beef that is both organic and kosher, contact your neighborhood grocer who may be able to order the meat or point you toward a local farmer.
  • Citrus Sales: Approach your local green grocer and ask if the store would be willing to sell you cases of oranges and grapefruits at cost so you can resell them at a profit.
  • A basic recipe can be very easy depending on whether you choose to make your own puff pastry, or whether you select a pre-made pastry from you local grocer.
  • To protect the team from a loss, make sure the grocer will allow you to order only the number of cases you pre-sell and pay for them once you've collected payments from your customers.
  • Depending on the area, you may be able to find a shop dedicated to buying Chinese food, or there may be a more generic Asian grocer also selling Japanese, Thai, and Indian ingredients.