Sentence Examples

  • Kirkaldy of Grange, who commanded the regent's cavalry, seized and kept the place of vantage from the beginning, and at the first sign of wavering on the other side shattered at a single charge the forces of the queen with a loss of one man to three hundred.
  • From East Grange station on the North British railway company's line from Dunfermline to Stirling.
  • To the north of Kinghorn is the estate of Grange, which belonged to Sir William Kirkcaldy.
  • In the south side are the Grange, Newington or Echobank, and Morningside cemeteries.
  • She made her debut at the Comedie Frangaise in 1699, in La Grange Chancel's Oreste et Pylade, and was at once received as societaire.