Sentence Examples

  • With his big eyes and contagious giggle, Elmo is no stranger to the Fisher Price toy line, where they seemingly never run out of ideas when it comes to debuting yet another laughing, talking, dancing, interacting Elmo.
  • A telesvision fixture since 1999, SpongeBob is a silly, goofy, hardworking, and lovable yellow sponge who can make just about anybody giggle.
  • The key to a humorous retirement gift is that it should elicit laughter, whether in the form of a chuckle, a belly-shaking laugh or a snorting giggle.
  • While people might giggle today, David Hasselhoff was hardly ridiculed for his swimsuit choice at the time - at least by women.
  • Novelty pajamas are perfect for lounging around the house, getting a giggle from your significant other, or-in some cases-wearing out to grocery shop.