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Another word for florescence

  1. A condition or time of vigor and freshness

      1. The condition of being in flower:
      2. Flowers collectively, as of a plant
      3. A flower; blossom
      1. The condition or time of flowering:
      2. A flower or cluster of flowers.
      3. A flower or bloom, esp. of a fruit-bearing plant
      1. (Chemistry) A deposit that results from the process of efflorescing.
      2. (Botany) A state or time of flowering.
      3. The powder or crust thus formed
      1. The condition or a time of having developed flowers:
      2. A blossom; bloom
      3. A plant cultivated for its blossoms; flowering plant
      1. A hand in which all the cards are of the same suit but not in numerical sequence, ranked above a straight and below a full house in poker.
      2. A sudden, vigorous growth
      3. A group of birds that have suddenly started up from undergrowth, trees etc.
      1. The period of best performance or peak activity:
      2. The prime rate.
      3. The period of greatest physical and mental robustness:
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Another word for florescence